suggested  4 / 8 days tours
our  skilled multilingual driver guides  will show you the most interesting places of the city / area by giving you the key information on board of the car.

FULL   DAY - 8  Hours  Tour

Agrigento Valley of the Temples - Piazza Armerina

Mosaic Art of the Roman “Villa del Casale” tour

Sicily, land of many people, have seen the presence of Old Greeks and Romans too. In this tour we will visit the most beautiful places that these two people left us in this land: Agrigento and Piazza Armerina.
In Agrigento we will see the famous Valley of the Temples, Unesco world heritage site. Improperly said valley, in this area, during the V century BC,numerous temples were built, which we can admire only the ruins because unfortunately the only remained intact until our days is the ConcordiaTemple
built in "limestone-tufo", the Temples offer a view particularly evocative in the dawn but especially in the sunset because they assume an hot golden color.
In Piazza Armerina we will see the Roman "Villa del Casale", Unesco world heritage site too. Built between the end of III century CE and the beginning of IV century CE, we suppose that it was belonged to a roman Consul or to Emperator M. Valerio Massimiano, said Herculeos Victor. Greatest example of the refined mosaic art in all the world, the roman "Villa del Casale" gives us an idea of the luxury and magnificence of the Old Romans' World.

Max 25 pax private bus charters in Sicily.


Sicily Romantic Tour of the Gattopardo
Private Excursion in Sicily - Castle Donnafugata
Donnafugata Castle with visit guide
Chiaramonte Gulfi tour and oil tasting

Our tour begins with the visit of Donnafugata Castle.
Situated among centuries-hold Carobtrees and surrounded by an immense park, Donnafugata Castle fascinated,with the beauties of its inside, also the great director Luchino Visconti, that chose the Castle like location for one of his more famous movie: "The Leopard" ("Il Gattopardo").
There are 122 rooms in the Castle but during our visit we will see only the first floor because here there are nobiliary rooms with the most interestingly furnished; our visit continues outside to admire the majestic park, rich not only a refined fauna, but also particular constructions like the Coffee-House and the labyrinth.
After visiting Donnafugata Castle, we’ll  transfer us in Chiaramonte Gulfi. Little town in the province of Ragusa, Chiaramonte Gulfi, famous for a very good oliva oil produced in its land, offers an evocative landscape thanks to the many farms that we find in its outskirts, but especially the characteristic "Drystone walls", particular walls built only with stones, without cement or other, that you can admire only and exclusively in the province of Ragusa.

Only  groups max 25 pax private bus charter in Sicily and/or  individual people with private car charter with driver in Sicily.


Sicily Barocco tour

In this tour we will see the south-eastern zone of the Sicily, well-known as Noto Valley, whose the main characteristic is, certainly, the Baroque Art.
Our tour begins with the beautiful Ragusa, particularly its old part:

Ragusa Ibla. Reconstructed nearly completely following the earthquake of 1693, Ragusa Ibla will excite you in all its corner. With its little streets and its evocative monuments, Ibla boasts 18 Unesco world heritage sites like, for example, the amazing Cathedral of St. George, with an organ that is one of the most complete and magnificent in the world, and the Cathedral of St. Giovanni, situated in the new part of Ragusa.
Our tour will continue in the town of Modica, famous for its chocolate too.
Here, after a walk in the main street, Corso Umberto, we will see, among other sites, the Cathedral of St.George, splendid example of baroque art, and the Cathedral of St. Peter, both Unesco world heritage sites.
After Modica we will see the evocative town of Noto. This town, Unesco world heritage site too, will offer you everywhere elements of the baroque art like capitals, churches and nobiliary buildings. The third weekend of May you will be able to see the famous "Infiorata" of Noto: scenographic carpet of flowers, with motives that change from year to year, organized in the choreographic Via Nicolaci.
After which, the last town of our tour is Scicli. Here we will see, among other sites, Italy Square with the Church of St. Matteo, Via Mormino Penna and the Church of St. Bartolomeo. (about  8 hours).

 Only groups max 25 pax and/ individual people with Personal Driver and Tour Escort.

Siracusa Archeologic tour
ON THE PAPYRUS' WAYS TOUR (about  8 hours)

In this tour you will discover the beautiful city of Siracusa, included the little island of Ortigia, old zone of the city. Famous land for the cultivation and processing of papyrus, Siracusa is, of course, one of the most evocative places of the Sicily for the wealth of the archaeological finds that tell its story. We will visit, among other sites, the Archaeological Park of the "Neapolis" where we will see the famous Greek Theatre, the biggest greek theatre equipped by an excellent acoustics, the "Latomie", ancient quarry of stone used like prisons too, and the Dionisio's Ear, the most famous artificial cave of this park with an interesting acoustics. Our tour will continue with the Catacombs of St. Giovanni, big sign of the roman presence, the Aretusa Spring, the Cathedral and the Maniace's Castle, situated in the extreme end of Ortigia.
Then, fundamental stage is the imposing Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Tears. Sign of deep piety and faith, place of pilgrimage by very numerous faithful, the Sanctuary was built in memory of the miraculous event, happened in an home nearby, that saw a statue of plaster of Our Lady to water, tears that after numerous checks resulted such human tears.
Our tour is nearly ended, but first to say goodbye we want offer you the last experience: the processing of papyrus. We will go in a factory of papyrus where experts of the sector will explain you the processing of papyrus and where, if you will want, you can buy a precious drawing on papyrus like souvenir of your trip in the beautiful Siracusa.

Sicily Mosaic Ceramics Tour
Piazza Armerina Caltagirone

In this tour we will discover, through the places more representative, two famous sicilian arts: the Mosaics of Piazza Armerina and the Ceramics of Caltagirone. In Piazza Armerina we will see the Roman "Villa del Casale". Proclaimed from Unesco world heritage site, the Roman "Villa del Casale" can be considered the greatest masterpiece of roman art for the rich of the finds that the time has preserved complete. The main characteristic of this Villa is the floor richly decorated with mosaics. The tesseras of mosaics can be small and irregular or regular by 1 cm. In the floors of the most nobiliary rooms are represented scenes of hunt with local or exotic animals, female and male characters with the clothes of the period and mythological characters, while in the rooms of the domestic staff we find only geometrical figures.Our tour continues in Caltagirone,famous town in the world for the art of its wonderful ceramics. Particularly beautiful and symbol of the town is the flight of steps of Santa Maria del Monte, composed by 142 steps everyone decorated by precious maiolica.
Only  groups for 8 hours with Personal Driver and Tour Escort

Sicily Tours Ragusa Modica Noto

In this tour we will discover the wonderful Barocco art and, particularly,its historic centre: Ragusa Ibla,
Modica and Noto.
RAGUSA IBLA host a wide array of baroque architecture, including several stunning palaces and churches.
Noto Valley. This is a very rich area of culture, tradition and hold towns defined "Gardens of stone", for its very high concentration of buildingsin Baroque style.
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(Particular tour araound Sicily Island and Baroque  attractives)

Our driver takes you at the airport in Palermo or Catania. During the first and the second night you will overnight in the most romantic hotel you have ever seen.
ou will visit Palermo and Cefalu. In the third day you are going to see Ragusa, where you will stay in a unique hotel, built with the typical Sicilian and Baroque characteristics.
Everything has been built on site; the utilized rocks are really ancient. As an alternative to the hotel, we can propose you a bed & breakfast overnight, with the same characteristics of the hotel. From the third to the seventh day we will visit the most important Baroque cities:
Ragusa Ibla, Modica, Noto, Siracusa, Pozzallo, Scicli, Caltagirone.

This  tour is organized as Follows:
You can choose the vehicle depending on the number of your group members: a car for 3 persons; a mini-bus for 6-15 persons; a bus for 20-50 persons. The vehicle is at your own disposal for the whole tour. You will have a driver and a guide, who will describe you all the tour visits and will help you for all your needs.
The guide is English speaking.
With our services you will be aware of the most typical things of this region. Our aim is to show you the tradition of these cities, not the surface side of them, but their origins. You will visit the real Sicily, eating in the most typical restaurants. You will taste our ricotta, cheese, olive oil, hand made bread and our unique wine. You will learn the traditional way of production of all these products. We will bring you in the farms where wine and olive oil are produced. Then you will visit the ceramics museum of Caltagirone, where we are going to show you the different steps of the ceramics production. Finally you will taste one of the best Italian chocolate: the chocolate of Modica.

We propose the following itinerary:

1St       Day     -     Transfer from PALERMO Airport to ERICE ( 1 and Half Hour time )
2Nd     Day   -       Transfer from ERICE to AGRIGENTO  ( 3 Hours time ) with stop at SCIACCA ( 2 Hrs at your disposal )
3Rd    Day     -      Transfer from AGRIGENTO to SIRACUSA  ( 2 and half hours time )-Visit at ENNA  and Piazza ARMERINA ( 3 Hours at your disposal )
4tH  DAY       -      Transfer from SIRACUSA to TAORMINA   ( 2 and half hours time )

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