9 hours tour

During your cruise you can take the opportunity  to use your free day for  visiting one of the cities we suggest.
We will pick you up at your Port of arrival  from where a full day excursion through your favourite destinations will begin.
Our  skilled multilingual driver guides  will show you the most interesting places of the ISLAND / area by giving you the key information ON BOARD OF the car

We offer some examples of shore excursions to the most beautiful and attractive sites of Sicily from the following ports: PALERMO - TAORMINASIRACUSA but

more alternative tours will be designed according to your demands”. 

You'll visit archeological sites, monuments, typical towns rich in traditions, as well as evocative sceneries and wonderful beaches.
Sicily, whose ancient name is "Trinacria" (island with hayfork shape or island with 3 headlands), is a land rich of natural and architectonic beauties. In our tours, we will show you how this perfect matrimony is present in the wonderful Sicily.
Please find herebelow a few examples of our Sicily Shore Excursions:


This tour begins with one of the most important tourist-bathing centers of the Island: Cefalù.
This little town of the Province of Palermo is known especially for its splendid beaches and offers to your visitors very evocative scenery, like the near Mondello.
We will see also the "Quattro Canti", a small square that symbolizes the four seasons with four statues placed above as many bath-tubs of marble, in the upper part four statues that represent the Spanish Kings and at last, in the higher level, there are the Saints beloveds to the people of Palermo.
Our tour continues in the main town of the Sicily: Palermo.
Here we will see, among other sites, the Greatest Theatre ("Teatro Massimo") and the Cathedral. Now our tour continues in the little town of Monreale, where, naturally, we will see the famous Cathedral, certainly the most important example in the Sicily of the Norman architecture. The most important element that we find in its inside is the figure of Christ, whose eyes, of an infinite tenderness, magnetize the visitors' attention, everywhere they are inside the church.
Advice for the day: for the lovers of the fish, an appointment you can't absolutely miss is the lunch in the very near Sferracavallo!!!



Among the many beauties of the Sicily, the most famous is certainly the fascinating town of Taormina. In this very interesting tour you will discover, together with other beautiful places, this town that enchants always all its visitors.
You will visit the historic centre of Taormina, "losing" you among the fascination of its streets, and you will see the most interesting sites like, for example, the evocative Ancient Theatre that, besides its fascination, offers a wonderful view and where, until now, there are operas and various artistic and cultural shows.
Besides, we will lead you in the near little town of Castelmole where you will enjoy of one of the best panorama that you had never seen.
Our tour continues in one of the biggest city of the Sicily: Catania. In Catania we will see the historic centre, included the Cathedral dedicated to Saint Agata, patron saint of the city, the Vincenzo Bellini's Park and the Ursino Castle, belonged to Emperor Federico II, King of Sicily.

Now we will move away very few kilometres from Catania to arrive in the small town of Acicastello where we will see the Norman Castle, built in black stone of lava, after we will go near to see the fascinating Lachea Island and the famous "Faraglioni", stones ended up in the sea that, like the legend wants, Polifemo threw to Ulisse and his friends in the famous "Odissea" by Omero.



In this tour you will discover the beautiful city of Siracusa, included the little island of Ortigia, old zone of the city. Famous land for the cultivation and processing of papyrus, Siracusa is, of course, one of the most evocative places of the Sicily for the wealth of the archaeological finds that tell its story. We will visit, among other sites, the Archaeological Park of the "Neapolis" where we will see the famous Greek Theatre, the biggest greek theatre equipped by an excellent acoustics, the "Latomie", ancient quarry of stone used like prisons too, and the Dionisio's Ear, the most famous artificial cave of this park with an interesting acoustics.
Our tour will continue with the Catacombs of St. Giovanni, big sign of the roman presence, the Aretusa Spring, the Cathedral and the Maniace's Castle, situated in the extreme end of Ortigia. Then, fundamental stage is the imposing Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Tears. Sign of deep piety and faith, place of pilgrimage by very numerous faithful, the Sanctuary was built in memory of the miraculous event, happened in an home nearby, that saw a statue of plaster of Our Lady to water, tears that after numerous checks resulted such human tears.
Our tour is nearly ended, but first to say goodbye we want to offer you the last experience: the processing of papyrus.
We will go in a factory of papyrus where experts of the sector will explain you the processing of papyrus and where, if you want, you can buy a precious drawing on papyrus like souvenir of your trip in the beautiful Siracusa.

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